Sunday, May 24, 2009


Various reasons make a person to have a soft nature. And for some kinds, crying is no doubt an extreme artifice. Yes, crying.
[from wikipedia]Crying: commonly refers to the act of shedding tears as a response to an emotional state in humans.
Let me give some examples.
she : ... you might not believe, I am crying.
x : Don't CRY ! ... Why you cry ?
she : song is sad, and story is sad ...
she : ... I cried under many circumstances before.
x : but how ? where you cried ? alone in the room ?
she : No aa.. Sometimes in public.
x : WAAAA. Then who console you?
she : got aa.. Sometimes is classmates lor ...
x : ... WHY didn't I see you cry in front of me before ...
she : ... I have cried a few times ...
x : what ???? WHEN ?
she : .. I counln't cry freely in public, so I went back to my room and cried ...
she [cried]
x : don't cry liao.. !@#$%
she : don't talk liao la ..
she : don't console me when I am crying, I will cry even harder.
x : ...

Under any circumstances, these she[s] are all adorable. I was thinking sometimes. Is it because girls cry more that they are "adorable"? And guys cry less, so they are not "adorable"?
What I don't understand is, do these girls ever realise that, their tenderness might be hard some times? Women's extreme weapon is not gun but tears.
It always made me deep into thoughts, and got lost somewhere... Why.. Why CRY..
And, the most important thing is, should I not giving you some comfort ? Why shouldn't I ?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

why women have more tears

First, let me make some assumptions and analysis. About women's habit~~~
Many women tend to think pessimistically about their body weight, one said :"girls always think that they are fat, no?" Though this statement is not applicable for Jaevon *no offence ^^*, I can see that many girls are on diet almost everyday... 2 out of the only 4 in my class, so it is about 50%. And the remaining two are ~.~ Okay now, let's assume that the girls are strong-willed in maintaining their diet plan. Hence, they need for sure nutrients and nourishments in some other form (rice = energy in terms of high calorie), say water.

Next, it is believed that males move more than females. Both voluntary and involuntary movements. For example, guys normally wink more and whistle more. Besides, we know that there are more sportmen than sportwomen, which tell us that, physically, girls are less active. As for involuntary action, we can measure in terms of heartbeat (more heartbeat means more heat). Guys' heartbeat will be faster when seeing ladies, compared to ladies' when seeing guys. This is what the stereotype looks like, as we always say "guys go for girls" and not "girls go for guys". And now, we say that the statement "males move more than female" is also true, and with this we can try to solve the ambiguity F3. Given that combustion produces heat and H2O, and human body remove water as well as heat in the form of "sweat", apart from urine. Therefore, we can deduce (also based on observational results) that girls SWEAT less ^^. The inference here is, girls got more water content in their body at all time.

Then we bring in Newton's 3rd Law of Motion : Action and Reaction. When you drink water, you need to find some ways to let the water out. So, the more you drink, the more you have to repel. The water repelling system in our body has, under normal circumstances, relatively high efficiency, which means the rate of water entering our body equals to the rate of water leaving. This is true for most people, except for some. As stated above, some women have more water content in their body at all time compared to men.. Hence, an unseen force is there. The more water content one has in the body, the greater this force will be. Somehow, this force is similar to the centripetal force we have newly learned, as it presents only when being supplied by other force. Here, the so called "water" force are applied only when there exists stimulus (other force). Or put it simple, women cry when being triggered by some things. Object (she) being tied with a string (connection?) to about a reference point (origin of stress/worries, namely causes), the greater the tension (tension), the greater the force (tears), and hence, the greater the acceleration (rate of water flow?). LOL.

Lastly, as a conclusion, I want to apologize to these women. I know that there are some other so-called biological factors when one cries, about which I don't understand, and yet crapped a whole paragraph. And, more importantly, to the 4 lovely classmates of mine ~.~ you know what I mean. Haha.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

summer camp

During the Labour's Day I joined the summer camp organised by OUR Club. For me, there is nothing remarkable, though there were some faces and "faeces". Yes, I haven't been before with many of these faces under no other circumstances but study. Just simply link to any other participants to get to know the so called "exciting" or "memorable" parts. There are just too much, so let me think of some flaws. ^^

Physical activity comes first. Perhaps many of them will agree with me, that the "fox" thing is not at all fun. Not to mention the waiting to be fox-ed. 100 men ~ 4 hours. I hate waiting. What's more, we are not permitted to RUN nor JUMP !!! The speed of the pulley going down the rope, I guess a 17 year old child can do better. Then was the "blind night". We were given a thin piece of black cloth each to cover the eyes. Cheating means that you blind folded your eyes but still can see, by looking directly to the front or towards down. Here, assume that each person's fold is 10cm in width. Without folding the cloth at least twice(3layers), I can see through the cover. But if you fold the 10cm more than once, you can for sure look through the small opening due to your nose(there would be none of such opening if your nose is totally flat). Someone said I was cheating, as I didn't fold the cloth even once. What for? As if everyone is still so young to not to know what came next. However, there was rain. Any wet black cloth is not permeable by eyesight, and so there was no way for me to "cheat". Clearly, those folded their black cloth benefited, as they can still look downwards. Haha.

Next is the purpose of this camp (no offence towards anyone). There were a few "statements" being delivered to students before the departure. 1st: this camp gives motivation to make sure all students fullfil JPA's target. Is this not funny? 2nd: this camp can recharge your battery. Is this not irony? 3rd: this camp can relieve you from the workload and make you relax. What? Hmm, let me make an assumption. IF, if we used that 3days to do nothing(relax) or perhaps try to reduce the workload a little bit, will it not be better?

In conclusion, this camp is no doubt a nice one. The explorace, the "swimming" pool?, jungle trekking and leeches, and so on and so forth. Haha, if we would have another one for the same price, I will sign up.


WOW!!! It seems like I have neglected this blog for a long time. How comes??
There should be some reasons, but, lately, I find that I am always too busy with NOTHING. LoL. Take these 3 days as example. Friday(no class), Saturday, and Sunday. To tell the truth, my thoughts had been filled with things that I would have done, in the morning of the first day, until I got so excited that the morning was wasted. Okay now, after 2 full days (I swear I didn't touch dota or maple), OF COURSE I have had some things done ! I "owed" all the lecturers, more or less, some so-called HouseGarbage(Haus-auf-ga-ben = homework in German), and I managed to finish a shit of physics exercise. A piece of shit. Not only that, I also paid back all the debts to MissKong as well. For this I have got no choice, she told us that she wished "homework" for her TeachersDay's present. And the rest is to be continued.... Not to be forgotten for tomorrow is the persuasive speech, the usual German homework. So, here is my conclusion: 3 days is again in vain. [2 full days for NOthing and 1 day for EVERYthing?]

Haha. Introduction a bit too long, but nevermind. Here comes the main point: I have phobia. My English is so poor... Another example. I just got back one of the German test paper. One part of the test is to be answered in English, and for one of the text, I got 13 out of 15. FrauTan wrote this in there: -2 for poor English. PUKE BLOOD ARGH!!!! I really wonder, is it due to the below average of my level of English, that I don't want to blog regularly even knowing that it might help? Though the statement that blogging improve English is highly controversial, there is really a lack of motivation within me. To blog. Both MissChan and FrauTan had given me suggestions (or I shall call it warnings), not once, that English is the most important subject among all six and I should give more effort in it. I know it myself as well, but, could I? All that I can say is, I will try my best to try.

Another post for excuse. Since I became a blogger from 31st of January, this is the 3rd. ^^