Friday, March 27, 2009


Asiasoft's prepaid card rate: 10,000 acash - RM 24.00 / SGD 10.20
^^ I AM ELATED !!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009


Has anyone here tried before, on a normal day, to be awake for 24hours? Or more?

I couldn't recall any experiences, except during some celebration or vacation, where I slept but at the same time was alert towards the surrounding. Yet, today will be another page in my Guinness Record Book. Like a stupid I am now, sitting here, awake, don't know what shall I do...

5am. This is the time I woke up yesterday. After doing some homework, I went to college. Yesterday was Monday. 9-11am is Physics class, 11.30-1.30 German, and 2-4pm ApplicableMaths. I went to the computer lab after 4 for about 10minutes before walking back to hostel...

Supposedly after the afternoon classes I will have a nap of around 1-2 hours, but, somehow, yesterday I couldn't make myself in peace. Why? Is it due to the assignment MsSay just gave us? Or the homework that MsKong wants to discuss with us in class later? I don't know. I have done the latter, and have searched for links and references for the former one.

Around 10pm. Time's up. I'VE TRIED MY BEST TO S L E E P ! ! ! Sigh... Here I should blame someone, keep disturb me until I can't sleep peacefully(I get disturbed everytime I close my eyes)... And the temperature in the night is so damn HIGH. Hot ar~ Around 2am I woke up again, giving up for trying to force myself to sleep. Ridiculous eh, want to sleep must use force... 1000N is on my eyelids now.. There was something going on, to about 4am. ^^ Happy Birthday to Nic!!

It's going to be 7am. Tuesday is always the pissed-off day, because the classes end at 5. NO NAP. It's already more than 24hours now... and by the end of my class today, ... I can't imagine. OMG ~

GOD BLESS ME~~~ I got a serious disorder... Damn it.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

headache again..

1. Prove that the product of 4 successive integers is not a perfect square.
2. Simplyfy [1+n(n+1)(n+2)(n+3)]^1/2
3. Find a 100-digits number N, with no digit 0, which is divisible by it's sum of digits.
4. Supposedly a rectangle, 5 x 13, is cut into 4 portions, namely A, B, C, and D.

Then the 4 portions are joined to become a square, 8 x 8.

Now find the area of the rectangle and the square. What?
Do note that these 2 are made up of identical pieces.
5. Given a straight line, abc, as shown. Find the ratio ac/ab, which is the same as ab/bc.
Actually, the 4th and 5th is quoted from a book, The Golden Ratio by Mario Livio. It is interesting.
I need help..

Sunday, March 1, 2009


It is raining.. from 6pm until now, my clock shows 2159.
How tranquil it will be, in a rainyday, to stand by your window and look up to the sky, no sun, your eyes won't hurt, and you feel cold, and I feel calm.

Actually, RaiNyD4Y is one of my maple character. My favourite. MapleStory is an online game, where people are being connected in a virtual community. To know what the following mean, try and google "maplestory" and understand this game...
Here at KBU, most talk about dota, or they don't know what is an online game... =.=
I got no choice but to voice out my eagerness here ^^

My rainyday is a pure-intelligent magician, in Eridanus server, with a current level of 15x(training on the way). Bishop, with a considered-high total magic, and good stat. The only thing that can make me sit on a spot for hours is Maple. Haha. I am not naive, though.
Here is my statistics. Many people play Maple like I do, generally aged from 12-40. Those aged below 15, normally, their characters won't exceed lv70. I can achieve this in 1week, provided I got time to play. For those whose characters level exceed 140, they are aged 18-30. Old man or old woman won't spend whole day playing, so their levels will have a limit. "Cashy" characters are from those aged 20 and above.

Many adolescents play dota, and this is a matter of interest and endurance which game they choose. Maple is my motivation, rainyday is my fantasy. I got a self-satisfaction to have play this character, seeing my damage.. It's much more fun than to be a feeder.....zzz

Lastly, before going to sleep, I make a wish. Looking for someone to play maple. Haha. Well, someone told me last week that she wanted to download.. Hooray ! Visit , download : Full version for all users.

Stress... ??

There are a few meanings, but here I want to talk about the noun. Physically, stress is pressure. When you press your thumb and forefinger together, you can feel it. It also means emphasis, special attention for something important.. Okay, enough, now I move on to the main part. Unseen one.

Abstractly, stress is kind of worry, indeed an extreme one, that you feel something press on you when in fact there is none. How does it feel? I don't know.. I wish to know. Will someone please be so kind, to name me an example?
Many people claim that they have stress on studying or working, but, do they really feel stress? how? Or is that simply panic and anxious?
For some people, stress is caused by incomplete love. But to me, all these are but negative thinking. Saying how you cope with stress shows no confident, complaining that you are stressed shows not giving enough effort. How can you give up when not even have tried? Perhaps, if stress really occurs on some individuals, those are with mental illness.

Positive minded attitude(PMA). I saw this once, but forgot the source. The conveyed meaning is so deep... We shall at least practise it always. Mind this, when you think positively, you won't know what stress is.

Recently I met someone, an interesting one, "... you might not believe, I am crying..." I asked why, and she said the song was sad, so she cried. I did believe her, and somehow salute. Is it that easy to cry? This is definitely not an expression of stress, or?


My blog should have 1 post by the end of January, and 5 by the end of February.
This so called "reflective journal" or "learning log" proves no effect on me, and I see no improvement on my English.. Sigh.

Today is the 1st of March, which means I owe February 3 posts, excluding the poetry in Chinese by MrSu. So tonight for me is another nightmare, blogging-marathon.
Why am I such a lazy person? No idea.. I just know one thing well. Blogging is no motivation but a force, forces my brain to turn and turn and turn, and to write down some of my "critical" thinking and opinions. HaHa. Is this stress? Well, second topic tonight is about stress.

What should then be the third?? Alright, RaiNyD4Y. I will describe this for-me-special character in full detail. Oh ya, sunrise, this phenomena is also meaningful for me.. Of course, not tonight. WeiXin is damn lazy...

Next tuesday is the first Applicable Mathematics Topic Test. Friday is Chemistry. Tomorrow is the deadline to hand in Calculus EPW-1. "..." Maybe dear CY got this right, to be a JPA scholars got its disadvantage, you won't have enough sleep.. UNLESS you can stick to books for hours, which is impossible for me. I tried before, and concluded that, my awaking-sleeping hours were in a ratio of at least 4:1, 3:1 on average. Besides, my studying-sleeping were in a ratio of 1:2, but 3:2 if including all the time I spent at KBU. Do you get it? If for a particular day I sleep for 6hours, I can only spend 3 hours studying or for assignments.. Do note that my laptop is in front of me when I am studying~

Haha, WeiXin is good at reasoning for his excuses, or? Hope this will save me from my OT. Slacking overtime~

And now I will stop for dinner. To be continue after this.