Saturday, July 19, 2014


The next two months would be the most difficult period for my master. In total eight exams, starting from next Tuesday 22nd July until the 10th of September.

Most difficult, yes, because once I pass all these eight papers, my master certificate would be just like following a fixed schedule. But so far I see no end, deadline is being dragged.

I'm not well prepared yet. This is not like me, usually I know more about the stuffs before going for an exam. But now, take this paper for next Tuesday for example, I haven't really looked at any of the exercise questions. Even though there were just five sessions throughout the whole semester, still I should have gone through them carefully and thoroughly by now.

But how? There are just so many distractions here, at the moment. Or to be precise, I tend to distract myself with other things, like trying to escape the fact that I should concentrate on revisions. What can I do?

Can I really sit and concentrate for the next two months? I don't believe that.
And can I sit still and concentrate for the next two days? I hope I can, otherwise I won't be able to perform well next Tuesday.

Even though the scores don't really matter to me now, due to my bad performance last semester, which had a rather bad impact on the overall average score, I do still hope that I do well this time.

Conclusion for the night. Motivation needed.