Saturday, January 31, 2009

pathetic blogger

31st of January. Saturday. WeiXin has no choice but to sit here and to post up this. Well, I shall write some "excuses" for my lateness.

Lets start from the week. I made myself not in vain with respect to the term "holiday". There was a family reunion in melacca during this CNY, you know, no unattended. And a very special one indeed, around 40 of us or perhaps more, we gambled, visited waterfalls, and of course some shopping malls or new year celebrations. Everyone enjoyed. I did discover some interesting people, who were relatives of my uncle's wife(my aunt). That was during the open house celebration on Chu2(second day of CNY). An interesting girl. ^^

The stay ended 4days. When I reached home on Thursday I could do nothing. Tired!
Yesterday I called my ex-classmates, and asked if they would pay me a visit(the last CNY-visit). Ten thirty at night is the time they rang my doorbell. Meanwhile in the afternoon MapleStory accompanied me... I woke up this morning quite late, and so am I here, now. After this I will start having nightmares at night again, I guess.

Hold on. I was back at home from Centerpoint last Thursday night. You guys must be thinking, Friday and Saturday, why haven't I finish my workload?
This is because my loving brother was at home!
Not to mention that this "small" amount of works is impossible to finish in two days(according to my creeping speed).
Let me explain the relationship between my brother and my neglection of works. He studied at Penang, and only once in every two months will he be able to reach home. I miss him for long. T_T. We used to have a lot of gaming fun together. So here was it.

I can still remember, Miss Say told in class that we should know how to play Dota so that we won't have stress in our studies. Mine is a bit different, I need double the amount to unwind. Maple and Dota.

Done. Finally ~~~~~ WeiXin is a pathetic blogger. haha.