Friday, February 13, 2009

My valentine - - - - - Headache.

Happy valentine's day to all~~~
Today is Saturday. By right everyone has time to go out, some more it is such a lovely day.. The sky is not bright, and my heart is now not at all open.. I AM SICK!!!

This head is going to burst. Faint. Despite all this uneasiness I still have to finish the workload. Poor guy, has to celebrate this supposedly special day with no girl.

No Joke OK! Even if I ignore all the weekend homeworks, a few things tear me apart. First things first, I have a presentation for German, next week, but so far not yet start dealing with the pronounciations. This will take me hours. Pity... And for documentary, I will skip it here, or else MissChan will say I don't have passion towards her subject assignment. (LOL! SHHHH~) After that is calculus. Oh Calculus, this 1 shit of paper with only 3 questions. Hey there~! ANYONE with the same job, CAN LEND ME YOURS AS REFERENCE??? Is there any FIRST-MINUTEer? .... Lastly, I think I will tidy up my room a bit, since I am not going home this weekend, so long didn't sweep the floor already. HaHa.

Enough for now, I better get going with German. Works are accumulated from "yesterday".. Yes, the sky is bright now.
One more thing. For ShirLing, have a save journey~ And, Welcome back to Malaysia!
For others, JIAYOU ^^ Gambateh nehx~

Monday, February 2, 2009

<念奴娇 赤壁怀古> - 苏轼