Monday, September 1, 2014


Recently very pessimistic. I think out of the eight papers I am going to pass only four. One already failed, one I am pretty sure I will fail, another one 50-50, and one more I'm going to take it in a week time, so far not even 50-50.

Hopefully things will be better after this.
From October onwards I will be doing my industrial training, got a contract under Westnetz GmbH for five months. It is about developing a tool to evaluate the measurements for high voltage circuit breakers' acoustic partial discharge. Sounds complicated, isn't it? To simplify, I will get some data in .dat format. All I need to do is convert it to simple .csv ones, then load those data into Excel, and compare with samples from the company's engineers. The hard part is, my supervisor told me to try to make the programme with Excel, but data reading should be done with HTML or PHP, which means reading through websites. And I have no idea about PHP or HTML, not at all!

Well, that for October, a month to go from now. Leave the work aside, I booked a trip to London for the period 11th to 23rd September. Last paper on the 8th, and my passport has exactly six months validity on the 23rd, otherwise I would love to stay in London a bit longer. Found myself an apartment in Duisburg already, so I have nothing to bother in that period. Finally exams are coming to an end, finally huh.

Still lack of some motivation to work hard. I need a break, and I need a change.

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